Optimus Prime, leader of Autobot Transformers, ready for battle on Transformers The Ride-3D
Universal Studios

Transformers: The Ride-3D opened at Universal Studios Hollywood and changed the very definition of thrill rides with cutting-edge HD 3D and Flight Simulation technology.

Hear what the buzz is all about. Then book your trip for the ride's opening at Universal Orlando, Summer 2013.

  • "We promise U it is absolutely AHHMAAAAAYZING!"
    —Perez Hilton

  • "Best ride ever!"
    —Kayte Deioma, Los Angeles Travel Guide expert, About.com

  • "It is by far the most effective use of the technology I’ve ever seen … This is certainly going to be a bench mark when it comes to rides of this nature in the future."
    —JimmyO, JoBlo.com

  • "You already know [Universal Studios Hollywood] pride themselves in creating the most immersive ride experiences around your favorite big movies. This time, they have truly outdone themselves."
    —Nash Herrington, CraveOnline.com

  • "Imagine if you could cram all the action of a Transformers movie into one five-minute 3-D package. If you tried, you wouldn't do better than Transformers: The Ride-3D."
    —Robert Niles, ThemeParkInsider.com

  • "Transformers: The Ride-3D will envelop the audience and make them feel like they're in it, that they're in the midst of these robots. It's quite an exciting experience. I wish we could do this with movies."
    —Michael Bay, award-winning filmmaker and creative consultant on Transformers: The Ride-3D

  • "Buy an annual pass, because you are going to want to visit this attraction several times this summer."
    —Norm Gidney, MiceChat.com (theme park enthusiast website)

  • "The screens are bigger than anything we've ever projected on before. Our goal is to make guests feel like they're in a Transformers movie. It is unlike anything anybody's ever seen on a ride."
    —Jeff White, visual effects supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)